World Connect, Inc.

About Us

World Connect, Inc. (WCI) is a 21st Century global firm that truly understands what “act locally” means to our clients and our community. As specialists in the field of organizational development, multicultural tourism, incentive travel and diversity consulting, we’ve mastered the art of agility. Whether a global hotel chain or a major MICE destination, WCI is committed to helping you achieve your goals. The days of assuming that your market is segmented only by age, gender, income, education or geography are gone forever. You need to know local customs, cultural sensitivities and ethnic traditions to communicate effectively to the African American or Hispanic markets. If you want to influence buying behavior, establish your brands identity or attract this reliable MICE market you need to know how cultural background shapes these consumer’s interpretations of what they believe, how they behave and where they are going.

World Connect, Inc. is your link to this exciting, lucrative and growing market. Since we are a part of this community, we understand what motivates these consumers’, why their buying behavior differs from the mainstream and how to reach them in a significant and appropriate way. Working with WCI will open your mind to new thinking and your eyes to new opportunities. You will connect with a diverse team of professionals who will explore every aspect of your business or organization to help you find a more effective way to engage with the dynamic African American and Hispanic communities.

And to further strengthen our public relations and marketing practice, WCI has established relationships with worldwide marketing communications firms that give us a global reach, meshed with a local scope. Our global partners complement WCI’s strengths with a well balanced blend of consumer PR strategy and creative marketing expertise. WCI will guide you to understand the diverse and special characteristics of the multicultural market you wish to reach and will produce results far beyond your expectations.